Live Music Video Recording With Bullfish Blues Band

Live Music Video Recording


Live Music Video Recording

BullFish Jamin

Live Music Video Recording With Bullfish Blues Band.

The blues band Bullfish wanted a  live music video for thier youtube channel. The live music video recording setup was comprised of my Presonus studio live 16-4-2 mixer for multitrack recording, and a 3 camera setup .  The Location was at a house in Pasadena .

Video Setup:

Main camera was on a jib operated by Jeff Boyton. The two other cameras a GH2 on Sticks and a GoPro hand held and static. Recoded main camera to my AJA KI-Pro and also did a stereo live mix with my stereo mic kit. In post the 3 cameras where cut and synced to the multitrack mix-down using Final Cut X

Audio Setup:

The audio setup consisted of 13 microphones.  The drum kit setup with a shure drum microphone kit. Bass was direct injected, 2 guitar amp microphones a harp amp microphone and 3 vocal microphones completed the Live audio recording setup. The mix down was down with Presonus studio one software direct from the multitrack from the Presonus studio live 16-4-2 mixer

This  live music video recording was great, it was a fun day. Nothing like a live music video recording.  The blues band BullFish had a blast. Final product a live 3 camera blues music video with a full mix down of the 12 track recording. Check it out.

BullFish! New original & old classic Blues, from a band of fresh old hands! With music from the Mississippi Delta via Chicago’s South Side to the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, BullFish! brings the beating heart of Blues – Today!
BullFish is a Southern California based Blues band whose members are Barbara Paul, Joe Bull, Jed Blackburn, David Fertig, and Jon Rizk. Feel good, “Life is Fine” blues!
Live Music Video Recording

Dave on the Harp

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