Professional AV Design

Exhibit Design

My most recent audio visual exhibit design was the Sting Ray Touch Pool at the Shedd Aquarium.

Sting Ray Touch Pool

May 2013

For this Exhibit Design I was charged with creating a 4 zone ambient audio system, with auto ducking for presentation specialists wireless microphones and remote volume control. As a audiovisual architect this project was a challenge because it was outside and the space was concrete and water making proper acoustic modeling difficult.


Photo Credit Shedd Aquarium

Jellies Special Exhibit

Exhibit Design included complete AV engineering and system design – Network control and content management of projectors, LCD and plasma displays.
Network – Medialon Show Master control of 6 Medialon MIP HD Media Player to a custom projection wall and 2 geometrically shaped large rear projection surfaces.
Engineer and Design iPad Jellie ID system with wifi connection to CMS.
Custom Medialon Panel control interface enables custom scheduling, exhibit/device on / off and remote operation and maintenance 2 LCD Displays and 1 Game with custom button control.

The image below shows the entrance to the exhibit with a Jellie habitat surrounded by the 3 panel video blend and a rear projected video “JELLIES” Logo.
exhibit design

Photo Credit Shedd Aquarium

The playback system of this Exhibit Design consists of Medialon MIP HD Video Players, controlled by a Medialon Show Master. Lastly the Jellie ID system was designed using 12 iPads over wifi using a CMS Backend for content management, this allows jellies to be moved and changed from different habitats without removing the ipads.
exhibit design

Photo Credit Shedd Aquarium

Great Lakes Gallery AV Design

Exhibit Design included 12 ipads for video and fish ID, a story telling video kiosk. A custom news feed interactive to include RSS, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram news feeds about the great lakes and invasive species. Large projection onto architectural curved rear gallery wall to simulate images and weather of the great lakes.

Amazon AV Design

Help redesign current reading rails with ipads and custom stands
Work with programers and design team to design and produce custom IOS App for Fish ID system with. custom database driven back end to allow aquarists to move change and update animals and habitats. Design enclosure and networking for new digital signage and interactive games Project manage outside vendor on 3d interactive rain wall.

Lizards Special Exhibit.

My role in this Exhibit Design was director of photography for green screen video’s, for 4 station Game “what’s for Lunch” videos for implementation into a custom flash based game. Design custom audio solution for guests to hear game audio without interrupting other guests in exhibit. Design custom pole hung video screens and large plasma displays with central HD video server playback.

Ocean Today KIOSK

Ocean Today Kiosk partnered with NOAA and other aquariums to design a network of several connected Kiosk’s representing local and national Ocean and great lakes news and videos. Large format LCD and Plasma touch screens.

Bahamas Animal Collection

Mini Exhibit. Shot underwater Video in Bahamas and manage design of 2 custom interactive Kiosks.
1. How we collect
2. A walk through of the Shedd Collection Ship “Coral Reef 2″