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Ecommerce Website Development and Design

It’s almost launch day on a long awaited ecommerce website project.  As a web developer for I worked on site design with the designer and managed all programing. The site is a custom WordPress site running woo commerce as it’s e-commerce engine.

Launching a new ecommerce Website has it’s pitfalls as we must ensure the site is migrated to it’s new host and that the ecommerce gateway is installed and configured correctly. chose as it gateway. Another must is making sure the SSL certificate is installed and functioning properly this is very important for a ecommerce Website.

Once the design wecommerce website Minifarmbox.comas sliced from AI and made web ready the programer started constructing the elements of the site.  This ecommerce website sells cedar raised garden beds and other cedar planters.  The next step was to input all the products, setup pricing, configure shipping and tax

Launch day was upon us.  We pulled the plug on the old DNS and transferred DNS to the new host with the new ecommerce website ready to do business.  The DNS migration was a success.  WIth only a few hours of down time was up and running.

Launching a ecommerce website is easy.  Now the heavy lifting starts.  First and foremost is satisfying the search engine algorythms, this is not an easy task.  Page performance and SEO work had to start and we are still working on it as I write this post. Next  all new photos and videos had to be added.  Testing is also a must with a commerce website.

Let me go back to  page performance and SEO work.  In order to score higher on page performance and load speed we decided to use Amazon Web Services and their Cloud Front product.  By doing this we increased page load be about 50% which makes the search engine gods happy.

This commerce website was fun to manage.  I worked with a great programer and a talented designer to give the client the web site he had wanted.  It is important to understand that building, designing and managing a website requires talent from many skill sets.

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