Circuit Bent City Web Build

Circuit Bent City – A network web build.
Circuit Bent City

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A recent web build and design is Circuit Bent City. The site  Is a Etsy style network enabled web site that will allow circuit benders to sell there goods on a community based site.

Site visitors can either be a user of the site and buy products or become a store owner and have their own store built immediately.  The site has a ecommerce back end so new owner/users can use thier own PayPal acct. Built with the PayPal adaptive payments API it allows revenue sharing  to the site owners. Revenue sharing  allows the site owners to pay for upgrades and maintenance on the site.  I also added in in social media hooks to Facebook and twitter. Circuit Bent City has a ways to go but the basic frame work is built and the site is running.

The ides of the site was to become a clearing house for circuit benders.  What is circuit bending you ask?

According to Wikipedia, Circuit bending is the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices. The devices are low voltage and battery-powered. Such devices include guitar effects, children’s toys and digital synthesizers. When bent these devices create new musical instruments and sound generators.

This website is a wordpress network site. A network site allows for users to sign up and build there own website.  This model can either be free or pay for use.  Network sites a great because the user just needs to sign up.  Once signed up the site is built immediately  on the fly.  All the new site owner has to do is customize it and add content.  A network site is ideal to form a community of same minded folks like circuit benders.  Each circuit bender on can sell their products, blog and participate in a forum.

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